USA Today reporter, David Oliver, got very fussy with people who asked him about his article that claims people who ‘masquerade as another race’ are doing harm to that community, wondering if this should apply to people who masquerade as the other sex.

Apparently, he didn’t want to talk about it because he went on a blocking spree and then locked down his tweets.

Makes you wonder how strongly he stands behind this article, eh?


Lying about one’s racial or ethnic identity is tricky to unpack without clear motives, but anyone masquerading as another race or ethnic group should understand their actions could be harmful to the communities in question.

When someone dons a culture’s lived experience as a costume identity, they do not celebrate that culture – they discredit it, experts say.


Ya’ don’t say.

When someone dons a culture’s lived experience as a costume, they do not celebrate it – they discredit it.

Isn’t that what men are doing to women?

Asking David that question seems to upset him for some reason … poor lil fella.

Yeah, he doesn’t want to talk about that even though at this point we have to wonder if it’s the same thing.


Basically, if you identify as another race, you are bad and harming their community. But hey, it’s AOK for a men to identify as a woman … heck, corporations like Hershey’s are even using men to honor #InternationalWomensDay … can you imagine if a company used a white person in blackface to celebrate Black History month?

Oh, and if you ask these questions, you’re an evil racist bigot so there.



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