This may be the single most cringy pic we have seen on Twitter in a long time, and considering we follow Biden, AOC, and Eric Swalwell pretty closely, that’s really saying something. Seriously. Someone go find out who these so-called men are and collect their man cards, STAT. It’s one thing to be respectful of a woman, to embrace who she is, what she stands for, and treat her as an equal, it’s quite another to be a sniveling, weak-ass loser on his knees ‘atoning for oppression.’

Like seriously guys, grow a pair.

Heck, grow ONE.

So. Damn. Dumb.

Ironically, this picture has gone viral … for all the wrong reasons. Or for all the hilarious reasons.


We really really really hope so. Hey, it’s possible – if we find out this was some sort of parody or prank we’ll let you know.

It’s the ‘Anti-Testicles Cult’.





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