Blaming the gun and not the gunman … it’s all Democrats know.

Oh, that and being total douche-canoes exploiting a crisis to play politics and score cheap points with their lemming-like, ignorant supporters.

Like what Michigan State Rep (and House Majority Whip) Ranjeev Puri tweeted after the Michigan State University shooting last night. Forget that the ‘official statement’ reads like a lame campaign script, but the f*ck your thoughts and prayers line is particularly gross and thirsty.

Take a gander:

OOOH, SO EDGY. Ranjeev means business and THIS TIME whatever gun-grabbing law they put in place will totally stop gunmen like Anthony McRae from killing people. TOTALLY. Forget this was a gun-free zone, and it sounds like McRae shouldn’t have legally had a gun in the first place … no no, the NEXT law they put in place will cure the issue.

Until Democrats admit the issue is not the weapon or the tool but the person behind the weapon or the tool this won’t change. They’d rather use MUH SCARY GUNS to run for office than deal with what is really going on with people and mental illness.

And gang violence.

But hey, Ranjeev said EFF our thoughts and prayers. Yeah, he sure showed us.


Ranjeev has no interest in leadership, class, or dignity.

To be honest, he likely doesn’t have any interest in actually dealing with the issues behind this horrific shooting …

No, his only interest is using this crisis as a way to make a name politically for himself.



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