It’s not every day you see the Associated Press use the words ‘good as hell’ let alone while describing a giant, orange floral cape Lizzo wore on the red carpet at the Grammys. Then again, maybe it could be every day with the way the AP has fallen.

We get it, it’s in quotes so someone else said it but to use that as the tweet?


They only made things worse for Lizzo and her cape:

What was Lizzo thinking?


All the yikes.

She looks like a Jim Henson creation before his son took over and sold everything to evil Disney. And you know what’s really bad is she probably paid a ton for it.

The trolling, OH the trolling.

So much of it:

Or else Pizza is coming for YOU.

Something like that.

If Grimace had been orange, yes.


OMG, it does look like a giant nacho cheese Dorito.




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