Y’all won’t believe this.


But it would appear Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders was handing out free books to children about LOVING America. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Books, about why our country matters… being given to children.

The nerve.


Holy crap. Y’all.

We cover a lot of stupid stuff but this is impressively dumb.


Maybe if there was less loving your country and more hating your own body they’d like this book more?

Now, Shelby does not have a blue check so she/he/it/they/whatever may not even be real BUT the tweet is certainly real.

And this account is certainly upset about a governor handing out free books to kids at school about America.


Look at her tattling to the ACLU … HA HA HA HA HA

It’s grooming to help kids learn about their country. To love their country?

Weird flex.

Imagine being this angry and triggered over a book talking about loving your own country.

These people are just a hot mess.

Sorry if that’s a hot mess to hot messes out there.


You guys, the comments on this thread are … something else.

Jack squat.

That’s what you can do.

But they’re fine with books showing characters giving one another ‘oral pleasure.’

Says a lot, doesn’t it, and ain’t none of it any good.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of people dragging the original Tweeter and the follow-up mouth breathers:


It would appear that way.

Because REEEEEEEEE, that’s why.


The nerve.

The Left has become a parody of itself.



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