Could Google be even worse than Twitter? We don’t use the term ‘bombshell’ lightly.

We’ve all been watching as the #TwitterFiles are released bit-by-bit by Elon Musk and his chosen journalists, but this from Kanekoa about the leaked Google files seems like it’s as big of a deal, if not bigger.

If nothing else, it just reiterates what Big Tech has been doing (and continues to do) to manipulate what people see, read, believe, and ultimately even how they vote. Used to, when we wrote something like that we’d talk about putting on our tinfoil hats but now, this doesn’t even seem CRAZY.

Just corrupt.

Take a gander:



Sounds familiar, right?


Lost their minds is the key phrase there, folks.

What an a-hole.

People who think differently from them were the bad guys.


Came from Google.

What a tangled web they weaved.

That Trump won at all is simply amazing. They were really playing dirty.

Look at Netflix.

The worst of the worst.

Anything they don’t like is fake news.

Training algorithms to control an election.

Pissed off yet?

We knew this was happening but it’s still shocking to actually SEE it.

The irony of Google calling anyone else ‘programmed’.

Any of those blacklisted look familiar to you guys?



They all lied to Congress.

Marking Republican fundraising emails as spam, but not Democrats.


We’d be cool with that.

… used by Twitter to subconsciously swing election results.

What we’ve seen so far with the #TwitterFiles is clearly only the tip of the iceberg. Big Tech is dirty.

Just how dirty we hope we’ll soon see.



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