Once again we were lucky to come across one of John Hayward’s threads and this time he’s rallying the troops to take on the Left, particularly totalitarians. What is especially important about this thread is his addressing libertarians and small-government conservatives who may not like how we have to fight … but it has to be done.

Take a gander.

Your adversaries most certainly do.

Keep going.

And sadly we are definitely looking at a gigantic central government that is wholly run by aggressive totalitarian statists.

It won’t be easy to be the totalitarians but it can be done. It MUST be done.

They laugh as we all just want to be left alone.

And if you don’t share ITS values, you’re a bigot.

Or a racist.

Or a homophobe.

Or a domestic terrorist.

Or a Nazi.

Or a white nationalist.

Or a white supremacist.

See a pattern?

Bullies the lot of ’em.

Progressives, Lefties, socialists, etc. are more than happy to do just that.

We have to beat them at their own game.


Bingo again.

If you don’t fight to defend your own values the totalitarians will force you to adopt theirs.

Or suffer.

We need warriors.

Ride the Leviathan, or you will be devoured by it.


So much boom.



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