We get it, it would only really be newsworthy to cover Robert Reich if he wasn’t saying something ridiculously stupid or annoying BUT hey now, we never claimed to be the news. Sure, we cover some of it, and boy howdy do we ever mock it, but actual news.

Not it. Sorry, not sorry, but we’re more interested in pointing out truth than we are being activists for the Left so clearly we cannot be deemed ‘the news’.

Anywho, we digress.

Robert Reich tweeted something stupid. Again. We know, you’re shocked.

Robert. Sorry, Bob. Can we call you Bob? Bob. Dude, yikes with this tweet.


That sounds disconcerting, yes?

There’s a joke here to be made but we just can’t seem to come up with it. HEY, they can’t all be winners, people.


Mind blown.


So much this.

Wonder if ol’ Bob knew he was making a pro-life argument?



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