There’s a reason Trump always said Adam Schiff is full of schiff (see what we did there?).

We’ve seen it firsthand since 2016 when he and the rest of the Democratic Party lost their freakin’ minds because Hillary Clinton LOST. Let’s say that one more time and a little bit louder for the people in back … HILLARY CLINTON LOST. Hey, with things being the way they are right now we’ll take some joy, however small, where we can find it.

Gross, he’s such a slimeball.

And c’mon man, let’s talk about the Democrat’s agenda, shall we?

The Democrat agenda:
Destroy our energy independence.
Destroy our economy.
Destroy small businesses.
Raise taxes on EVERYONE.
Put criminals over victims.
Open borders.

With an agenda as deeply unpopular as that, no wonder Schiff is making Schiff up.

Calling Schiff disgraceful is an insult to disgraceful people.

This is his Hail Mary …

And the only people dumb enough to buy it were voting Democrat already.



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