Taylor Lorenz talking about ‘being a journalist’ and babbling about what news organizations are getting wrong about social media is somethin’ else. Oh, we get it, her antics and nonsense have created endless attention (mostly bad) for the Washington Post which unfortunately also results in clicks and taps so we suppose other outlets may want that but ugh.


Do we need more than one Taylor at this point?

Yeah, don’t think so.

What the Hell does that even mean?

You know what, we don’t wanna know.

Fair point.

Maybe this is a session on being an annoying Twitter troll and crybully.

Yeah, pass.

Just seems like a lot of drama, ya’ know?

This reads.

So very true. It’s no longer about telling the story, it’s about performing for clicks and taps.

And ‘fortifying’ elections.

But we digress.

Reality. Right there.

Letting Taylor teach anyone about anything … WOOF.



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