DeSantis sending 48 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard has really been an eye-opener for many people, especially Independents and Moderates. Who KNEW Democrats would melt down so incredibly over a governor in a border state utilizing a sanctuary city in another state?

Oh, that’s right, DeSantis did.

Brilliant. Just freakin’ brilliant.

Wow, we haven’t seen Democrats this mad since women got the right to vote.

The fact the Bexar County, TX Sheriff’s office has now opened an investigation into DeSantis claiming he ‘lured’ illegal immigrants into going to a beautiful, luxury community just makes this even more hilarious. Add in DeSantis’ response to said investigation and BOOYAH, grab the popcorn.

Look at this:

Damn, DeSantis is good at this. LOL





We had a similar response.

Times two.

Democrat sheriffs sure seem to play politics … a lot.

Oh, enforce the border?

Psh, silly, Kamala the Southern Border Czar said it’s secure. Duh.



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