We’ve spent so much time listening to people on the Left and the media (yeah yeah, same difference) insist that DeSantis was either kidnapping OR trafficking the 48 people he sent to Martha’s Vineyard that we kinda sorta forgot to pay attention to what the people who live there actually think.

Granted, we’ve been pointing and laughing about how quickly they kicked them off the island but this is pretty damn good.

Color us surprised:

She wasn’t surprised, she doesn’t think it was a stunt …


And absolutely fair points from here: how do you get the attention of this administration and ‘border czar’ Kamala Harris?

Not enough people are talking about this because they’re too damn busy losing their minds since DeSantis beat Biden at his own game. And it did it in a far more humane and kind way.

Sorry, not sorry.

A little taste of it was hopefully enough to wake them all up.

Oh yeah, that was our favorite part.

Besides the fact now both the migrants AND Martha’s Vineyard residents have thanked DeSantis.

Too bad, so sad, Lefties.



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