Senator Cortez Masto wants to make sure those evil crisis pregnancy centers that give pregnant women other options when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy are getting ‘cracked down’ on. That’ll show them for getting in the way of the abortion industry!

This seems really freakin’ evil, right?

So tough! So intimidating!

Except, this tweet just pissed a lot of people off. First of all, she’s really not being truthful about crisis pregnancy centers, and second, it’s clear she’s not really pro-choice.

She’s pro-abortion.

Like most Democrats.

There are no consequences because her supporters are abortion-hungry, vapid heifers just like her.

But she needs to scare women and make sure they don’t look elsewhere for support when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.


But that’s all she knows how to do.

They don’t care about moms.

They care about abortion.

And donations from the abortion lobby.

And body parts.

Sorry, not sorry.

Like Planned Parenthood?

Don’t think so.

And THAT’S the key here.

If the senator was actually pro-choice, she would welcome various options for women who aren’t sure about what to do with a pregnancy. Instead, she’s vilifying and trying to shut down options OTHER than Planned Parenthood.

Makes ya’ wonder how many Planned Parenthood has donated to her, eh?



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