Maybe Gavin Newsom should spend more time worrying about his own state than trying to pick fights with governors from other states. Especially when one of the most popular cities in his state, San Francisco, looks like THIS.

Michael Shellenberger shared videos of San Fran right now … keep in mind this is what decades of Democrat policies and leadership has led to, especially when you vote in this year’s midterms.

Watch this.

San Francisco is in trouble, folks. Serious trouble.

It only gets worse as you watch more of the videos.


Nancy Pelosi lives there … but you know she never sees any of this.

Where’s Gavin? OH, that’s right, he’s busy trying to pick a fight with DeSantis whose state has ZERO cities that look like this.

Homeless due to addiction.

No words.

This is beyond depressing.

How can anyone live like this?!



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