As Twitchy readers know, professor, feminist, and critical race theorist Uju Anya said some pretty effed-up things about Queen Elizabeth as she lay dying yesterday, and then even more effed-up after the Queen passed. We won’t bore you with any more details about her tweets, but if even Jeff Bezos thought they were nasty (he called her out), you KNOW they were bad.

Anya is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. They did release a statement on her comments … but that seems like the only action they’re willing to take:

And? What are you all going to do about it?


Guess we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Seems others are as unimpressed with their statement and lack of action as well.

In 2022 plenty of so-called ‘decent institutions’ keep horrible people on staff to avoid being seen as racist, sexist, or any other ‘ist’ that’s become the latest hot button of the fringe woke.

Scary, right? What sort of poison is she filling her students’ heads with?

There it is.

Hey now, they SAID they don’t condone it.

They just didn’t really do anything about it.

Per usual.

We’d only be shocked if they actually did something more than release a lame, nutless statement on Twitter.



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