When Brit Hume shares an op-ed, we typically take notice. Most people do and THAT’S because the tried and true newsman/pundit/analyst knows what the Hell he’s talking about. He doesn’t share things willy-nilly or for some cheap clicks and taps … there’s a point there, every time.

This latest one he shared was about Trump’s infamous pile of papers, and he quoted the last line of the article.

Brit just proved how many people read tweets, and headlines, but not the story since this is the last line of the article – moronic Lefties and our doorknob friends in Never Trump lost their damn minds over this one:

We’re not exaggerating about people losing their minds over this.

Keep in YOUR mind, Brit did not write this (it’s WaPo!) and he just quoted the article:

Then take it up with the author, Kyle.

What if you read the article?

Crazy, right?

They so desperately need this to be true, that’s why they freaked out over even just the implication this could all be a giant nothingburger. Wonder what they’ll do when Trump walks yet AGAIN?

Look at this amount of hate over an op-ed he didn’t write.

And as usual, the clown of all clowns from #NeverTrump:

He just keeps on finding new ways to beclown himself over his hatred of Trump.


Thin-skinned babies hate Trump so much they can’t even bother to read past the tweet, thus exposing themselves as the real hacks here.

But you guys knew that.



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