As Twitchy readers know (because we literally just wrote about it), the toolbags at MeidasTouch shared an ‘undercover’ video claiming it proved Ted Cruz wants to defund the FBI. Now, we’re not sure if they actually bothered to watch the video (at no point does Ted say or agree that we should defund the FBI), but they probably should have considering even CNN’s Daniel Dale is fact-checking this same video.

These are the things that still bring us a teensy bit of joy on Twitter.

Of course, it’s weak sauce.

MeidasTouch shared it.

Their whole thing is weaksauce.

If Leftie Twitter ain’t lyin’, they ain’t tweetin’.

Ted Cruz already called them out for lying, this just makes it even funnier.

And quite clearly, this was not about defunding the FBI.

Womp womp, nice try, MeidasTouch losers.




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