As Twitchy readers know, Joe Walsh got his britches all bunched up over The Libertarian Party tweeting that Liz Cheney belongs in prison. Welp, seems Walsh wasn’t the only anti-Trump troglodyte to chime in on their tweet …

We’re not entirely sure what the Hell Rick Wilson was thinking here considering the ‘history’ of his organization but then again, does Rick ever really think before tweeting anyway?

Again, he had to know this wouldn’t go well, like at all.


We had a similar thought, you guys.



Gosh, this is going swimmingly for ol’ Rick.

What she said.

Nobody associated with The Lincoln Project should EVER say those words, Rick. Seriously.



WHO DID THIS?! LOL! It appears even Google is getting in on pointing and laughing at Brian Stelter leaving CNN (screenshot)

Guys, they’re NOT coming for evil billionaires –> Check out this IRS training scenario that shows who Biden is REALLY targeting (watch)

Honey, just take the L! Brianna Wu calling for Matt Walsh’s suspension for speaking out against children’s ‘trans health programs’ goes SO wrong


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