All we can figure is that anti-Trumpers like David French have forgotten it’s ok to support actual Republicans since they’ve spent so many years attacking the former president. That, or none of them are really conservatives or Republicans and maybe they should just accept that endorsing, supporting, and voting for Biden makes them Democrats.

And they have no business lecturing anyone else about conservative values of what makes someone a true conservative.

This guy …

What, did he get bored attacking Trump nonstop and decided to go after DeSantis?

As usual, this didn’t go well for Frenchie:

It is simply obscene indeed.

Somewhere along the line, conservatives like French decided it was more conservative to be polite and lose than to push back and win.

And now that the rest of us have decided we would rather push back and win, he and our other ‘betters’ sit back and lecture us. Bizarre how conservatism to them is LOSING.

Annoying, right?

Maybe he really should.



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