We are not sending our best to the FBI.

Hey, it was no secret that this once respected agency has done some shady shiznit over the past couple of years BUT when you see it like this, laid out point-by-point, it really hits home. These people are not keeping us safe.

No, but they are keeping an eye on SOME of us.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*


All of it.

And this editor happens to be a mom who many in Biden’s admin would have called a ‘domestic terrorist’ – how dare any of us fight for our children. The nerve.

What’s sad is she could go on.

And a few others did for her.

Good times.

Ok, not really but we are honestly running out of things to say about how awful all of this has been.

Oh man, the Vegas shooter.

STILL don’t know what happened there.

Or …

Best Nuke From Orbit GIFs | Gfycat

Seems fair.

It’s the only way to be sure.



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