How’s that old saying go again?

Go woke, go broke? Yeah, that’s it.

While movies that don’t lecture audiences on ‘social issues’ like ‘Top Gun’ are set to break movie records, woke, annoying Disney productions looking to MAKE A STATEMENT are tanking. Sort of like Disney’s stock …


Trading LOWER than when their parks and movie theaters were closed in 2020.

That’s GOTTA sting.


It’s like Dick’s Sporting Goods pandering to the Left … as if they are their actual customer.

Disney has made a huge mistake.

Wonder if they can self-correct before it’s too late – then again, it may already be too late for many people.

Right? We feel shocked.

THERE it is.

‘Everything woke turns to s**t.’ – Trump

Probably not.

Seems they never really learn from any of this.


Disney. Just entertain, and stop lecturing.

This isn’t difficult.



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