Biden is everything the Left claimed Trump was, but far worse.

Sorry, not sorry.

And if the iCloud 4chan claims to have hacked is Hunter Biden’s and it’s legit … there are no words for how awful and evil some of the things we’re seeing on social media is – pictures, voice mails, texts, videos.

Bad stuff.

Tucker Carlson went OFF:

Remember when media and big tech protected Joe from the laptop story? Going so far as to lock the New York Post for writing about it?

Good times.

Keep going.

Of course he knew.

They all do.

But they expect us to be stupid and believe stupid lies.

Big guy gets his 10%.

Anything to save face.

Even if that face is an ugly one.

Ironically, more of a connection to illegal dealings in Russia than Trump ever had.

Getting rich selling our reserves to our enemies.

Democrats sure can pick ’em.

C’mon November.

We’ve never needed a ‘Red Wave’ more.

It’s really as if things are just getting worse and worse.

Sure, we’re all distracted with DOCTOR Jill Biden’s racist comments about Hispanics and tacos (wow), but the corruption in this administration and family is far worse.



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