Looking more and more like the Highland Park gunman is not a Trumper … sorry media. We know you were really hoping this was the case but, yeah no.

We have yet to meet any Trumper wishing ‘Death to America,’ just sayin’.

From The Daily Mail:

Crimo begins the video by asking his followers: ‘What’s up communists?’ He tells viewers that he is building a ‘cabin in the city,’ a reference to the shed.

From there, Crimo takes the camera to show off his car that he refers to as the ‘P***y Magnet.’ The car, which has the number 47 emblazoned on the side, also has a sticker across the rear window reading: ‘P***y Magnet.’

It is unclear if that 47 is a reference to the date of the massacre – with Crimo also recently posting a stream of 47s on a now-deactivated Twitter account.

Despite being a rapper, Crimo is shown listening to classic rock throughout the video as AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s anti war anthem ‘Fortunate Son’ can be heard.

During an interaction with live commenters, Crimo says: ‘Death to America.’ After describing to the viewers what his home might eventually look like, saying that it will include a window and a bench, Crimo concludes his video by saying: ‘Goodbye Mr. FBI agent.’

Honestly, this just sounds like a really broken and mentally unwell young man; so tired of the Left trying to use him to paint anyone and everyone they disagree with as some dangerous white supremacist.

That it does.

Reminds us of the Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack – it just sort of disappears when the gunman isn’t someone they can use to vilify the Right.


We’re shocked. SUPER shocked.

Oh, wait.



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