Massachusettes … really with this woman? Your Attorney General?!

AG Maura Healey took to Twitter to write an entire thread WARNING pregnant women against going to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


Because how DARE women who are struggling with a pregnancy have any other option than to abort!

These people.

Wow, she really hates Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Seems almost personal.

Is this ethical for an elected official? Asking for a friend.

The code of ethics … because abortion docs are so ethical.

Holy Hell.

And notice, she keeps calling it ‘abortion care’ to make it sound like the better option here.

Those evil pro-life people may trick you into not aborting your unborn child is NOT the great take she thought it was.

The nerve of people trying to protect life.



Just awful.

Sorry, but that’s the only word that really fits here.

Absolute ghoul works too.


Sadly, that is JUST what this looks like.



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