NARAL seems to think any sort of abortion ban is an extreme abortion ban.

Funny how they’ve learned nothing from the overturning of Roe. The reason it was even discussed was that pro-aborts couldn’t accept a 15-week ban on abortion … they did this to themselves. Roe originally said safe, legal, and rare. It didn’t say up to and including birth and people have to CELEBRATE and champion it.

But you do you, NARAL.

So much yawn, NARAL.

And c’mon, June is over.

Eventually, Americans were going to have enough. It’s one thing to think abortion in some instances should be legal, it’s another to push for it on-demand.


Weird, right?

Thank goodness they lost.

Ok, so this image is simply a chart that shows abortion limits in America and other countries. Twitter, for whatever reason, thinks this should be marked as ‘sensitive content’.




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