If Ruth Bader Ginsburg saw this group she’d never stop throwing up.


Seems Ruth Sent Us took their site down after the attempted assassination of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh; apparently, they didn’t like being called out for dumping gasoline on dangerous and crazy fire. But lucky us, they’re back now, claiming they are not to blame for the assassin and calling him a ‘colonizer’.

Hey, nobody accused this group of being all that bright.

Take a gander:

That man has far more in common with their group of psycho hose beasts than any colonizer … just sayin’.

Their rationale though, we’re talking adorable.

And by adorable we mean irretrievably stupid.

So they’re a bunch of rich, Black women and gay people.

Suuuuuure they are.

Lame AF, right?

But they certainly seem to think they do.

That’s the rumor … Sam Spiegel, PhD.

Let’s be honest, none of this adds up or makes sense.

Hence, the Left.



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