Ok everybody, get ready to adjust and then readjust your tinfoil hats.

Take a gander at the bullhorn the cop appears to have taken from the Patriot Front dude he arrested … do you see the sticker there? NOW, could this be them mocking people for claiming they’re all feds and not just a bunch of losers who can’t quite get enough protein powder who are easily infiltrated by law enforcement? Sure.

Then again, it also might be another glaring clue into who and what this Patriot Front group really is.

Surely the FBI isn’t this stupid, right?


This could also be Photoshop … maybe? Heck, we don’t know you guys, welcome to the Internet. Heh.


You know, we looked at it and we don’t see it?

But it’s possible.


Super difficult.

Again, it could be a sticker trashing the FBI, it could be a Photoshop … it could be many things.

But no matter what it really is, we all had a good laugh here, right? And with the current state of the country (don’t even LOOK at the market, folks) we could all use one right now.

—Updated —



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