What is it with people who clearly don’t have to worry about paying for expensive gas and groceries lecturing and/or shaming those of us who do? We get it, this writer/filmmaker probably doesn’t care about paying $5 or more a gallon for gas …

Guess the little people aka the POORS who do worry about it don’t care about our democracy.

Even though we’re a republic.


We’re not a democracy, Andy. *shrug*

And most of us are far more concerned about gas, food, etc. than we are a bunch of politicians working with an ABC producer to put together some sideshow about Trump a year and a half after the fact.

Move. On.

Pete D’Abrosca was good enough to help Andy out by putting a poll together …


Right now, 95% of those nearly 20k votes would rather have cheap gas.


But hey, nice try, Andy.


Oh, Andy was so destroyed that he claimed it was all part of the plan or something and called it ‘bait’.

That’s adorable. Really.

He’s not owned! He’s NOT owned!

This. ^

Weak sauce, dude.



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