Gun grabbers are OBSESSED with the AR-15. Sheesh.

Even retired Major Generals.

Imagine having served in our military and going on Twitter to write an entire thread giving the government more ‘ammunition’ (pun intended) to trounce and trample on Americans’ rights. We suppose if he’s looking for a sweet gig on MSNBC or CNN he needs to prove just how obnoxious he can really be … but still.


He knows a bit about weapons.

So he should know the AR-15 isn’t technically a weapon of war.

That didn’t stop him from claiming otherwise:

Says the guy playing semantics on Twitter for clicks and taps.

That’s a difference but ok.

But not exactly like the military.

Oh brother.

We know it’s not true.

This didn’t go over so hot …

Well well well, what do you know?

Learn to embrace the power of AND.


That works.


Who knew a retired Major General could gaslight so well?



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