Another conservative voice suspended. Gosh, we’re shocked.

Earlier this month (or last month), @RBPundit was locked on Twitter. Now, there is a difference between a lock and suspension, and usually, Twitter uses ‘locks’ as a build-up to eventually suspend the account. His last ‘lock’ was seven days, which is typically what they do right before suspending an account.

At least with a lock, there is an end date where the user will get his/her account back. With a suspension, the account is basically gone unless some blue-hair at Twitter decides to show you mercy and accept your appeals to restore the account.

This doesn’t happen very often and is one of the reasons many people on the Right (middle, moderate, not the far-left) are excited about Elon Musk buying Twitter.

We’re going to guess it was his use of the word ‘whore,’ although he did not call anyone such a thing and was tweeting to Elon to show him the blatant bias in how Twitter currently enforces its Terms of Service.

While he was in trouble for mentioning why he was locked, Steve Cox (blue-check even) is ranting about tormenting, harassing, and attacking a SCOTUS justice. There are literally people calling for violence against pro-life orgs, groups, people …

… but RBPundit tweeted a bad word and Twitter can’t have that.

Even though this editor knows for a fact that when the word is used to describe a woman on the Right, Twitter gladly ignores it.

We hope Twitter figures out this was a mistake and they reinstate RBPundit sooner than later.

Stay tuned to the insanity.



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