You know if they’re trying to use Christine Blasey Ford to make ANY sort of argument whatsoever, the argument is a dud from the get-go. We get what Laurence Tribe is trying to do here, but when you look at the reality of his ALL-CAPS ARGUMENT per each justice, it all falls apart.

None of this matters, Larry, and most of it isn’t true anyway.

They are trying to desperately find any way they can to keep the SCOTUS from ruling the way they really should have ruled a long time ago. Like Alito’s draft opinion states, there is nothing in the Constitution that treats abortion as a right and Roe should be overturned. And again, all this would do is relegate the rules and laws around abortion to the states.

It. Does. Not. Ban. Abortion.

This is what they all look like.

True story.


Oh, and about Alito …

To be fair, Laurence isn’t the only one trying this arguably false argument but still, he should know better.

See, fair.

She disputed herself.


Christine Blasey Ford did more to damage the #MeToo movement than most anyone else.

Well, her and then-senator Kamala Harris.



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