It would go a long way if these pro-abort protesters knew WTF they were talking about.

Hey, at least they’re not wearing those stupid Handmaid’s Tale costumes.

But yeah, this is irretrievably stupid.

Watch this:



These nimrods also want SCOTUS abolished because it wasn’t constitutional to force landlords to allow renters to live in their properties without paying rent. Alrighty. And notice how it’s the ‘millionaires’ who want to do all of these evil things.

As we said up there, these protesters know so very little about reality and just spew what someone they think is smarter than they are spewed.

Oh, and it gets dumber.


Notice how it’s cool to start talking about women again.


The Participation Trophy Generation.



They’re like a dim yellow bulb attracting a bunch of annoying mosquitoes.

It’s ok when they do it.




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