We knew pro-aborts were nutty but HOO BOY.

Libs of TikTok continues to do good work sharing the crazy that is liberals on TikTok; she even put together a mashup of some of the more insane reactions to the Roe leak from our pals on the Left. That people not only behave this way but then post it on a very public site is just beyond us …

Watch, point, and laugh (also, this is not safe for work so make sure you put on your headphones):

True story. The first one is scary … but they’re all pretty nutty. The older woman babbling about wombs using the Snapchat filter? And relegating abortion laws back to the states doesn’t mean this country hates women.

The crazy is real.

But you all knew that.

OH, and here’s some bonus footage of more pro-aborts joking about using aborted babies for electricity.

No, we’re not making this up.

And what’s really insane is THEY think THEY’re the good guys.

We did go and take a look at her timeline and yes, she is freaking out, but we didn’t think anyone would care enough to read about her.

Sad when your crazy is even has-been, ya’ know?





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