Jennifer Rubin clearly hasn’t taken her Hack Madness WIN lightly, already busy this morning proving she really and truly is the hackiest hack of them ALL! Her absolute dedication to saying really stupid stuff in order to support and pander to really stupid people … *chef’s kiss*. There aren’t many who would be so willing to sell their integrity out in this way but ol’ Jenn is a real artist of hackery.

Case in point, her desperate attempt to prove Ketanji Brown Jackson wasn’t a diversity hire or ‘affirmative action hire,’ even though President Piddle Pants literally said she would be.

So much better than the average judge … really?

Going lightly on predators? Having no position on inherent rights? THAT’S so much better than other judges?

Alrighty, Jenn.

Instead of b*tching at the right for calling her nomination what it was, maybe Jenn should hold Joe accountable for using KBJ in this manner, so he could say HE nominated and appointed the first Black woman to SCOTUS. He didn’t do this for her, or for America, he did it for himself.

Or whoever is pulling Joe’s strings did it for themselves.

This was not about Jackson or the American people.

This ^

It’s our fault we are responding to what Joe Biden LITERALLY FREAKIN’ SAID HE WOULD DO.


And fin.



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