Democrats need to stop being ‘about’ trans-kids. Sorry, not sorry.

Hey, don’t take our word for it.

Listen to Laura Wiley Haynes, a self-proclaimed Lefty, Democrat, and atheist …

90% of kids given TIME and support outgrew their GD with no meds and no life-altering surgeries.

Because they’re KIDS.

Keep going.

Basically gay conversion therapy.

Wow, never thought about it like that.

And gosh, most trans kids have two or more mental health disorders. Maybe instead of jumping on the trans-wagon we should be supporting these kids and helping them with their mental health? Just spitballin’.

Impulsive and seeking relief.


Adults should not feed that.

Hell, ADULTS make mistakes.

Let kids be kids.



Social justice warriors are using lies about suicide to scare parents into supporting their agenda. Gosh, we’re shocked.

Told you guys this is a damn good thread.


A permanent solution for what is likely a temporary problem.

Respecting the reality of sex.

So well said.

Hello, Florida law.

Common sense.

Crazy, right?

And BOOM goes the dynamite.

We are so shocked to see some common sense from a self-proclaimed atheist and Leftist … we may need to sit down for a bit.




J.K. Rowling holds nothing back DROPPING trans-activist threatening her life (while Twitter sits with its thumb up its butt)

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