Ever since J.K. Rowling came out in defense of women, guarding their experience, their history, and their spaces in society, the trans movement has been after her nonstop. From stalking her on social media to harassing her in real life, they’ve really tried to intimidate and bully her.

For daring to defend women.

This latest activist wrote an entire song and made an entire video about killing her, which Twitter is AOK with. But J.K. is having NONE of it:

Twitter suspends conservatives over the word ‘pansy,’ but allows a trans-activist to straight-up threaten J.K.’s life.

Classy as ever.

We did go and watch the entire video.

It was painful.

Psh, the things we do for you readers!

KIDDING WE LOVE YOU … but that was pretty damn painful.

Rowling keeps on holding her own.

She’s a bada*s like that.

Seems totally sane and not at all like a burden on society.


She is absolutely over the target.

And they hate her for it.



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