Biden KNOWS you’re struggling but it’s Putin’s fault!

We get what Ron Klain (or whoever the intern on Twitter at the time) was trying to do here, he/she/it/they/whatever was trying to pretend Biden actually cares about what’s happening to Americans under his shite administration and relates to the pain they’re feeling at the pumps. Keep in mind, Biden doesn’t likely know what day it is, let alone that gas prices are painful.

But someone somewhere thought this tweet was a good idea.

So Biden CAN’T control the price of gas when it goes up (PUTIN!) but he somehow can control it if it goes down? And all we need to do is let him pass his bazillion-dollar plan that our great, great, great grandkids will have to pay for and all of our trouble will be over.


Not. Even. Close.


His plan is crap and politics.



And so on and so on.



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