Thousands and thousands of homeless vets, homeless people in general, the threat of a very real food shortage, gas prices insane, CRAY-CRAY inflation … but hey, Biden doesn’t want transgender passengers having to go through a second round of security because body scanners don’t know their pronouns SO he’s spending your tax dollars to ‘redo’ body scanners.

And they expect us to believe 81 million people vote for this crap.

Would someone let Biden know there are more important things to worry about right now? Thanks.

Maybe he could spend this money on our southern border which is truly a security risk.


We are well and truly in Obama’s third term.

Prove us wrong.

Democrats need something, anything, for November because they are sinking fast, and in the past the whole WE CARE ABOUT THIS POPULATION has worked out for them. Problem is, they only care about that population around election time.

And by then they’ve already spent our money. Sorry, our great grand-children’s money.


A little bit of sanity would go a long long long long long way.

This right-leaning libertarian-ish editor agrees.

Especially when they are pushing this level of stupid.



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