As Twitchy readers know, USA Today columnist Michael Stern all but cheered a tornado ripping the Florida home of Joseph Harding apart. Apparently, Stern hasn’t bothered to actually read Harding’s bill, which he referred to as the lazy and uninformed title pushed in even lazier and more uninformed rhetoric, ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Oh, did we mention Harding wasn’t even home? Just his family?

Stay classy, USA Today.

Our own Sister Toldjah from RedState had a few choice words for him (granted, most of Twitter did, including this editor (who he blocked), but for some reason he engaged her):



Stern responded:

This is exactly the sort of douchebag response we’d expect from … well, a douchebag. It’s the GOP who is the problem, not Stern for tweeting something ugly and horrible based on his own misguided and misinformed ideas about a bill he doesn’t bother to actually read.

Sis came back:

Here we are once again reminded that conservatives hate progressive’s ideas, and progressives just hate conservatives.

Wow. Keep reachin’, bro.


Do you think he actually tried to find a way to pat himself on his back for this humdinger?

Nah, he’s far too busy ranting about how evil the GOP is … even though he’s the one celebrating such a huge loss over a bill he obviously doesn’t understand.



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