As Twitchy readers know, the American Federation Teachers Union stands with Ukraine, even though they donโ€™t know which way is up with the Ukrainian flag.

These people teach our children.


Welp, Randi Weingarten was bright enough to pull it down (or she knew people would be relentless about her not being bright enough to know better when she posted it) โ€ฆ

.. but AFT VP Evelyn DeJesus tried to double down on the picture, claiming itโ€™s a poster and itโ€™s inappropriate to write on a flag.

Or something.

No really, she did try that. See for yourself.

So theyโ€™re not stupid or ignorant, and anyone telling them the flag IN THEIR POSTER is upside down is being disrespectful.

Alrighty then.

Randi mustโ€™ve missed the memo.

But Evelyn still has it up.

And they wonder why people point and laugh at them.

We love love love the mockery with upside-down emojis.

Or she didnโ€™t care about the update.

Whatโ€™s even sadder (funnier) is that this was โ€˜createdโ€™ for multiple labor unions โ€ฆ as if we needed another reminder public unions protect the worst of the worst.





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