As millions of Americans begin filling out their March Madness brackets, the toolbags at The Lincoln Project copied Comfortably Smug and put together their own MAGA Madness Bracket.

Because as we said, they are toolbags.

Not entirely sure how Ben Shapiro is part of the outrage machine or how Glenn Youngkin is the old guard considering the guy wasn’t even politically involved until he ran for governor of Virginia (and won) but it is TLP we’re talking about, you know?

They thought this was clever.

That or they are trolling for attention because without the mean orange guy they’re pretty damn irrelevant.

Oh, and they’re totally copying Smug’s idea.


These poor schlubs haven’t had an original or good idea … maybe ever. There’s a reason a bunch of failed political junkies got together and formed their own sad little group.

See what we mean?

Lincoln would hate these people.



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