Is it just our imagination or is Adam Kinzinger really itching to get the United States into a war with Russia? Because while we’re certainly not experts, tweeting, ‘we will have to intervene in a bigger way,’ sounds pretty war-focused.

See for yourselves.

Poor Adam, he’s such an emotional little thing.

Seems we’re not the only ones not digging on Adam’s tweet about going to war with Russia:


And true.

Glenn Greenwald also had this to say:

Trump broke so many people, but we’re thinking this is all Adam. He hangs out with Liz Cheney and we all know who HER dad is and what he pushed … just sayin’.



But luckily, Democrats have gerrymandered him out of a job here soon, and unless you watch CNN or MSNBC, you won’t have to see or hear from Adam after that.

This. ^

This is an insult to truly insane people but also fair.

Yeah, dummy.




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