Liz Cheney continues to audition for her ‘analyst’ spot on MSNBC.

It used to be CNN, but at this point, she’s too far gone even for that dumpster fire. No no, she is more suited for a flaming dumpster fire … like MSNBC.

How she has fallen.

Almost like she’s bragging about it, that this man pleading guilty proves she’s doing her job or some other happy horse crap. The only people who support what she’s doing hated her before all of this and will go back to hating her after.

But hey, country over party or something.

Julie Kelly dropped her:


Couldn’t help but notice Liz left that part out.

Doesn’t make her look quite as heroic and saintly for his magically pleading guilty now, does it?


But see, her new friends and followers (who again, hated her when she was voting with Trump 93% of the time) believe she is doing better. She’s convenient.

Guess how her re-election campaign is going in Wyoming?

From NBC:

Her apostasy has created problems back home, as well. Offending Trump is especially risky in Wyoming, a state where he racked up a higher share of the vote — 70 percent — than anywhere in the country. Some GOP strategists don’t see how she can win re-election and predict she’ll bow out.

She should bow out.



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