Masking kids to make adults feel safer has been horrific on so many levels.

After two years of this nonsense (remember when they said it would be two weeks to flatten the curve?), we are finally starting to see some changes in masking policies in schools for children and teachers. That being said, there are still some districts forcing the issue (and some public health officials) and the damage has already been done to our children on so many levels, all in the name of ‘protecting them’. Jeff B. aka EsotericCD’s thread as a dad about masking, children, and speech therapy is heart-breakingly powerful:

Teacher’s unions and our public health officials have really and truly gone out of their way to make villains of themselves.

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How do you expect a child receiving speech therapy to benefit if he or she cannot see the therapist’s mouth?

Barbaric cruelty now.


As a mother, this editor doesn’t believe he should ever forgive or forget.

What was done to children in the name of ‘public health’ was a ruse to pander to and empower teacher’s unions … some would say in order to win an election but we won’t go there. Ok, so we already went there.

Deal with it.

Because the unions only care about more money and power.

Not the students.

Not even the teachers.

DEFINITELY not the parents.



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