Pramila Jayapal wants everyone to know that 93% of student loan borrowers aren’t ready to resume payments on THE LOANS THEY TOOK OUT in May. And somehow that’s supposed to convince us to just cancel student debt.


That’s adorable.

Feel free to write them a check from your OWN account, Pramila.

How about this, Pramila? 100% of all taxpayers say they’re not ready to keep paying taxes.

We have to cancel taxes – NOW.

This is called adulting.

They should try it.

Right? Let’s cancel ALL of the stuff we’re not ready to do or pay for.


Car payments?

Credit cards?

Bills in general.


This. ^


Great point.

The economy is ‘roaring,’ and ol’ Joe has created six million jobs … get a job and make your payments.

We can hear it now.



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