What would Alexander Vindman be if he didn’t have Trump to hate on and tweet about 24/7? The ‘Resistance Hero’ (zero) has been working overtime to somehow keep the blame on Trump for Putin invading Ukraine, even though there were zero invasions during his actual presidency.

But in Vindman’s sad little mind, that is somehow proof that it’s Trump’s fault and not President Piddle Pants.

Case in point:


This oughta be good …

And no, it’s not good. At all.

We’re totally being facetious.

Except we thought Putin put Trump in office? Why not just do that again?

None of their paranoid bullsh*t adds up, and yet they keep on spinning it.

Trump sent Ukrainians weapons, Biden sent them blankets.

C’mon man.

Sit ALL the way down.

Yes, it is hilarious spin.

It seems so.

Hey, when you do something well, profit.

*eye roll*



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