We have to ask ourselves, why TF are Democrats dragging puffy, corrupt, Hillary Clinton aka the herpes of politics out from under her bridge. Part of us assumes they are trying to find a way to magically make her president (sorry Kammy, Grammy is their real pick), but another part of us hopes even Democrats aren’t stupid enough to run ‘Cankles’ again.

Maybe a little bit of both?

And c’mon, the Queen of Russian Disinformation aka Rachel Maddow interviewing the woman who funded the Russian collusion hoax and helped sell Russia a bunch of uranium is peak stupid, even for the Left.

Watch this (hey man, if we have to watch it, so do you):

She really must think her followers and supporters are just that stupid.

And looking through some of the responses, she would be right.


Hey, at least they’re making people laugh.

But for the most part, people realize she’s a huge fake:

A couple of times, yup.

Not to mention Rachel herself has pushed so much Russian disinformation Putin should send her a thank you card.



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