It’s interesting watching how Democrats react when their guy is in office and sucking wind on a global scale. And by interesting, we mean pathetic, embarrassing, and completely tone-deaf. For example, whining about people being ‘partisan’ and demanding they rally behind Brandon … sorry … Biden, after they spent four years making every damn thing a partisan issue to pander for votes and power is probably not a great idea.

Case in point:

Brian and other Democrats have the worst memories … maybe ever.

And the fact Biden is supposedly leading the free world while Putin invades Ukraine is terrifying.

Just sayin’.

It has been an awful, awful, awful year and it only looks to get worse.

Funny how that works.

Putin invades during Obama years.

Putin does not invade during Trump years.

Putin now actively invading during Biden years.

Almost as if Putin waits for the weakest leader of America possible.

Yeah, it was all a PLOT, John.



There’s a reason.

Oh, and if Brian needed a reminder of his own behavior:

Yeah, rally THIS, Bri.



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