LORDY LORDY! They’re teaching kids gun safety and responsibility in a Wyoming grade school. REEEEEE!

Yes, they are.

And they have been for a long, long time.

It’s literally called ‘marksmanship training’ and plenty of other states offer it as well. But you know, it’s more fun to shriek like a crazy person about Wyoming.

Case in point.

Those are air rifles you twit.

Oh, and we took a look at #DemVoice1 and LOL.

HOO BOY, the more they lose, the more they lose their minds.

And yet, it doesn’t.

In fact, everything about that picture makes this editor feel more comfortable, and hopeful. Teaching young people how to safely use a firearm will ultimately prevent more gun accidents and the Left’s favorite go-to, gun violence.

That. ^


Oh, wait.


Brian must either be from Wyoming or have friends and family there.

He’s right.

Sane people don’t have a problem with it.




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