David French has written a lot of stupid crap over the past six years, but this one where he claims the most dangerous political radicals are in our churches is perhaps his dumbest work yet.

It would be impressive if it wasn’t so damn annoying.

He really thought this was a smart take.

From the Dispatch (sorry):

But a MAGA Christian nationalist will read that sign and know exactly what it means–when Trump wins, America wins, and the church wins. The man, the nation, and the church are the movement.

Second, MAGA Christian nationalism is concentrated in the churches most removed from elite American culture, including from elite Evangelicalism. While there may be some Christian nationalists in seminaries, or in the pews of big, highly-educated suburban churches, or in the leadership of America’s largest denominations, you’re far more likely to find the true believers in exactly the kind of nondenominational, independent, and often-charismatic churches that populate the list of ReAwaken America tour stops.

His obsession with Trump is not healthy.

Just sayin’.

True story.

Becoming ridiculous.

Way past that.



Every piece he writes is based on one simple, boring theme, TRUMP BAD.

All you radicals and your *checks notes* churches.



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